Our spells are cast by a coven of four very respected and high powered individuals.

We cast the rituals of a past coven of four, from ancient times and believe their presence is with us, making our spells more powerful. The spell book acquired is that of the four witches coven, and includes their unique rituals and spells. We have been called MYSTERY WORKERS, SAVIORS, and MASTER WITCHES. We are VERY skilled spell casters and have a VERY strong connection with the spirits in the realms of the other world.

Our spells have a WONDERFULLY positive turnout 99% of the time. I have never heard negative feedback from our thousands of clients.

This Weight Loss spell of Four witches will be cast three separate times. Each casting is time consuming (lasting nearly Two full hours each time), and is cast by four witches calling all corners together, in the ancient fashionable style. The ceremony is being conducted by EXTREME professionals and should not be taken lightly. Our extreme skill in this craft and strong connection with the spirits will be overwhelming and due to the nature of the spell, and it's specifics, takes a little longer.


When you buy a spell please be sure to give us the desired weight loss you want. This is important if you want to get the result you wish for. If you don't give us any desired weight loss we will cast the spell in a fashion that your weight will go down to what is "normal". It is normal to see results after 1-8 weeks and full result in 3-12 weeks.


The result will come gradually during a short space of time. As every person is unique the spell will show effect fast for most but for some it will take longer. Be patient and stay motivated. To make the spell work you will be required to perform a very easy candle ceremony provided by candleliturgy.com (best candle ceremony on the Internet for spells). If you ddo not perform the easy candle ceremony the result of the spell might be postponed. Will take additionally take 3-4 months longer for the spell to give full result if you don't use the perform the ceremony.


We offer a re-cast or 6 months 100% money back if you are not happy with the spells result. For faster result we can cast the spell 2 times (purchase the spell 2 times ) to ensure result within 3 months.


We will not sell or give your information to a 3rd part. Everything that is communicated between weightlossspells.net and the client (you) is kept private and wont be shared. You (the client) may not share the communications either.


Weightlossspells.net will not claim to be a doctor or a medical institution. If you are very sick due to over-weight, then immediately seek a doctor for medical treatment. You must be 18 years or older to purchase our spell services. Our services are, according to law, to be considered as "entertainment" and is the subject of your own interpretations.