Many have questions regarding the services we offer. below we hope you find your answers. Most important to know is that NO SPELLS WILL GIVE ANY UNWANTED SIDE-EFFECTS!

1. How does your weight loss and beauty spell work on me?
Answer: This is a combination of inner power and spiritual powers. We all have a powerful tool called the brain. It can do alot more than we think but you need to know "how to activate it". Our spells will communicate with your subconsious and give you the results you seek.

2.Is it completely safe to use your magick weight loss and beauty spells?
Answer: YES! No harm or side-effects will come to you or the one the spell is cast upon.

3.Can I order more then one spell?
Answer: YES! We can combine them. Consider the Custom spell with 3 wishes if you have many desires.

4.Have you got good feedback amd high success on your beauty and weightloss spells?
Answer: YES! We are professionals and we take every case very serious. That has proven to be a winning way, earning us a 98% successrate.

5.Do I have to have any pre-knowledge or be part of a certain religion?
Answer: Only pre-knowledge you need to have is the skill to focus on your wishes for 3x15 min during 3 ceremonies. Anyone can do that! No specific religious belief needed for the spell to be successful.

6.How long have you casted spells?
Answer: We all have been working with wiccan magick for more than 2 decades each, giving us an incredable experiance and knowledge. WE KNOW HOW A SUCCESSFUL SPELL IS CAST!

7.How long does it take for my spell to work?
Giving timeframes is hard as each case is very individual and spell casting is a complex art. To give you an answer we would say most clients get result in 3-12 weeks depending spell and your current health status. Just be patient. Results will come.

8.How do I order? How do I pay?
Answer: You click on the link "ORDER NOW!" Under the FAQ's. Then you find the spell(s) you want. Click on the button add to cart for each spell. Then when you done you click to checkout and pay. YOu will then be sent to a site to download a ceremony you will perform to make the spell(s) work faster. After you download it you go and fill out a form with your details and wishes. We then cast your spell(s).

9.What if I am not satisfied with the result?
Then you should contact us and we discuss it. We can re-cast your spell or grant full refund after 6 months. No questions ask, no fees takes and no upset words. When you are happy, then we are too!



Read testimonials from people just like you that have happily used this proven spell casting service! They have shed the pounds and improved their lives. They are all out of risk of having overweight related diseases...How? Simply because they decided right here, right now! "I have had enough and want a change for the better!"

I have been on every diet there is and like most people, have been unsuccessful in keeping the weight off. I did not know what it was, but the weight always seemed to come back somehow. Not anymore! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help because your spell casting is wonderful . I have lost 17 pounds already and its only been a little more than two weeks! I sure wish I had know about this before, but I am glad you have opened the door for me. The best part about your service is I know I will not gain the weight back because I am not doing anything drastic or desperate. It all feels natural to me and my body! Thank you again!"

Maccarena Tempper, 23
Louisville, Kentucky

I was desperate to lose weight before my wedding and I did not think I could do it. At first my mother discouraged me from trying this, but she is now a believer. She just bought your spell yesterday. I followed what you said and lost five more pounds than I had anticipated during the 8 days leading to my wedding rehersal. I feel great! The wedding was very beautiful and I am going to look great for Tom in Hawaii - thanks for your program!"

Cheryl Kinnes, 19
Boca Raton, Florida

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? I am so glad I found your website! I have tried everything, even the new South Beach Diet. I have not been able to lose much weight until now. Thank you for telling me the truth. This is the best approach I have ever read about or tried, and it worked for me just like you said! If I ever see you in person look out! I have attached photos of me."

Before | After
Marianne Engles, 28
San Diego, California

“Dear Gwen, I would like to thank you all for the help you gave me. I have a lot of overweight and my health was actually in danger. I wasn’t succeeding in any diet, and I was really concerned. There have been 3 weeks ago that I purchase the spell and I have lost 15 pounds already! I feel much better and I know everything will be fine now!”

George Marlon.
North Carolina, USA

“I felt ugly, my relationships were a disaster! I felt insecure and my self-esteem didn’t exist at all. I had this overweight I couldn’t rid of! And just by a coincidence I met your site! I am so grateful to you… I’ve purchased your spell two month ago and I lost all the overweight I had! I met a man a month ago and everything is doing perfect!”

Jenny, K.
Quebec, Canada.

“I was desperate; my Dr. gave me an ultimatum… I had a lot of overweight and my health was worse every day. My heart would be fail in any moment if I didn’t do anything about it, he said. My friend told me about you and I didn’t hesitate, I purchased your spell. There have been three months already and I lost a lot of weight thanks to you!” Marcia Lopez, Fl.

“Thank you! I’m so grateful with your help. My wife was really concerned about my health; she wanted me to loss some weight and she suggested me your site. I am a diabetic so I had to be thinner, but I really didn’t pay attention on that. Then I heard how dangerous overweight is in every sense so I told her, Ok, purchase the spell for me! I’ve lost 15 pounds already and keep loosing!”

Mike Carnejo.
Puerto Rico.